CRASH: Colloquial An abrupt feeling of depression or unhappiness immediately following the end of a BDSM activity. This feeling may be triggered by a number of different factors, including feelings of guilt (especially among people raised with traditional ideas about sex and relationships), confusion, unexpected psychological response to the activities, or even physiological processes such as a drop in the levels of endorphins..sometimes also known as top drop and bottom drop

This is the one thing i really LOve about having my blog…..the amount of my followers that have written to me to share what they are going through and how my hardships with health, relationships and just in general…my life, has helped them through a difficult situation with more ease. The same goes for what my followers give back to me…the knowing that there truly is always someone else that has it worse than you. So to appreciate what good you do have in your life, and never wish to have someone else’s. i want to thank all of my followers who shared with me their stories, for it is all of you that make what i go through so much easier and gives me so much inspiration to fight until the end…..i LOve each and every one of you.